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Until the Republican party stops the Big Lie and accepts the defeat of Trump and that the 1/6/2021 Trump’s attack on the Capitol was an Insurrection, they should be recognized and be treated as the National Fascist Party.

If the Republicans/Trumpers are left alone, and without serious consequences for their crimes, we will have a Dictatorship in 2024.  The damage to our country will be devastating and it will take over 50 years to be repaired and only after the defeat of the dictators and return to Democracy.

In  1973 we defeated the Greek dictators of April 21 1967.  However 48 years later Greece is still suffering the consequences of the damage done to the culture, economy and emigration of highly trained and intelligent people.

Democrats Wake Up and ask for Attorney General Garland to be replaced with someone that will act as the Attorney General.

 Abstract Artist Freedom Fighter Gregory Christeas

NPR – Melissa Block 

Snyder, author of the books The Road to Unfreedom and On Tyranny, has spent years studying the ways tyrants skewer truth. Snyder points to Hitler’s original definition of the “big lie” in his manifesto, Mein Kampf and the ways he used it to blame Jews for all of Germany’s woes.

A failed coup is practice for a successful one

In Congress, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol has interviewed hundreds of witnesses to establish the truth of what happened that day.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., is one of just two Republicans on the committee. An outspoken Trump critic, he has announced he won’t run for reelection.

Kinzinger compares conspiracy theories to a cancer eating away at the Republican Party, and feeding that cancer, he says, is the “big lie.”

“The thing that’s most concerning is that it has endured in the face of all evidence,” he says. “And I’ve gotten to wonder if there is actually any evidence that would ever change certain people’s minds.”

Beyond his committee’s mission of uncovering what happened on Jan. 6 itself, Kinzinger has broader questions.

“More importantly in my mind, what is the rot in the system that led up to Jan. 6? And where have we come since? And how do we stop anything like this from happening again?” he asks. ” ‘Cause even though Jan. 6 technically failed, there’s a lot of areas where you can learn from, if your goal is to overthrow a legitimate election and potentially do it successfully next time.”

And that is precisely the lesson from history, says Yale professor Timothy Snyder.

“It wasn’t enough, but next time, it could well be enough. And the fact that it’s been rehearsed makes me worry,” he says. “This is what historians and political scientists who study coups d’etat say. They say a failed coup is practice for a successful one.”

The Democratic Majority Vote in Congress and the Senate is different than the will of the people. And this is the problem that holds back progress. 

Here is an easy fix: Use the democratic process on every step. 

When Congress proposes bills a few Congressman/women can tip the scales against the peoples’ support for the platform they voted for.  That’s what happens when few of them vote against a bill and the Democrats don’t have enough votes to pass it. And even if they vote to pass the bill in Congress the same problem again comes up in the Senate. 

This way there is no unified Democratic front representing the will of the people who voted for them.  This creates frustration and disappointment and we the people come always to the same conclusion “they are all the same, my vote doesn’t count”. This is a big problem that always turns people off and makes them look for alternate solutions and that’s how Trumps are voted in. 

  • The solution is a Democratic Process for everything always. 

The Democratic Congress should first vote among themselves for the bills proposed.  When they have 51%, they agree that their vote in Congress will be unanimous to pass the bill. We can’t have a few to hold us back.  Progress will always be slow and uncertain.   

The same solution in the Senate.  Today we have just 50 Senators and if one has a different opinion, she/he should not be in the possession of the power to hijack the will of the people.  We don’t have to investigate the reasons why they do this, just vote them out. 

The Senators must vote among themselves for the passage of any bill. When they have 26 yes against 24 no then they go to the Senate and vote Unanimously 50 votes + 1 the Vice President and progress is made.  We the people are happy; progress is made and we will gladly vote again for the same people who did what we send them there to do. 

This will remove the knee of dark money off our necks and help our Democracy survive and defeat the rising Fascism.

Democrats Wake Up and ask for Attorney General Merrick B. Garland to be replaced with someone that will act as the Attorney General.

 Abstract Artist Freedom Fighter Gregory Christeas

 Abstract Artist
Abstract Artist Freedom Fighter Gregory Christeas




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